Adding a Web Property

Adding a new domain or website is extremely easy. Just follow these steps.

1. Select “Virtual”.
2. Insert the domain name into the “Title” field.
3. Insert a “Price”. It will be the BIN or BUY IT NOW price of your domain or website.
4. Insert a short description.
5. Insert a long description.
6. Select relevant categories.
7. Insert the tags.

8. Scroll down the page. In the “Inventory” tab, select “Sold Individually”.

9. Click on the “Attributes” tab.
10. Select “Accept Offers?”. Options are “YES” or “NO”. Choose “YES” if you want to consider offers for your web property and you wish that we deal with these offers in your behalf. If you select “NO”, you can still get inquires (and offers) from potential buyers.
11. Select “Extension” to choose the right extension of your domain.
12. Select “Website”. Options are “YES” or “NO”. Choose “YES” if you are selling a full website and not just a domain.