News and Updates

We have just released a beta version of the new BWP website.

What’s new?

Basically all. All the site has been redeveloped and redesigned. A powerful store management dashboard has been added for you to manage your domains and websites for sale easily. There you can choose among multiple categories and insert multiple keywords to associate your domain/website with. This will improve the SEO of your listings, and eventually the likelihood of a sale.

In addition you don’t have to pay anymore to list your precious web properties, it’s all free. Instead you will pay an 8% brokerage commission for any successful sale. Fair, right?

As said we are still in beta. Please feel free to test the platform and send your feedback and suggestions. We’d truly appreciate your honest opinions.

What does the future reserve?

We want to build an efficient and effective affiliate program, to create more revenue streams for domainers. It will probably work on a 4% commission, that means that for any referral that leads to a sale, an affiliate will get half of the brokerage commission we reserve for ourselves. Still fair, right?

But that’s not all. The affiliate program is only the first step in building the BWP community, that is the ultimate goal and purpose of this website. At some point, we want any members of this website rewarded according to their contribution to the community regardless and in addition to their sales or affiliate performances.